Dr. Steven Fremeth,
M.Sc., D.D.S

Growing up on a farm in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains instilled Dr. Steven Fremeth with a meticulous and methodical work ethic that would prove to serve him well as a dentist and dental surgeon. After earning his B.Sc. (Honours) in biology from Sir George Williams University (now Concordia University) in 1970, he built on his undergraduate training by completing a M.Sc. in ecology from the same university. In 1973, while putting the finishing touches on his Masters thesis, Dr. Fremeth began his Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) at McGill University.

After graduating in 1977, Dr. Fremeth sought to build on his university training by entering a residency in dentistry at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital. With the experience of an intense hospital based program, he was recommended to meet with the dental department’s director of the newly established Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). In 1978, soon after this meeting, Dr. Fremeth moved his wife and young son to Ottawa to join CHEO’s department of dentistry and establish a private practice.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Fremeth has built a strong reputation in the dental community. He is especially proud of his ongoing work at CHEO where he has provided dental care for special needs children who cannot be treated in a regular dental office. The majority of children he treats using a general anesthetic are referred to him by other dentists. Nevertheless, this is a unique service that is also available to his regular patients.

Since the beginning of his career, Dr. Fremeth’s has been an active member of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), Ontario Dental Association (ODA) and the Ottawa Dental Society (ODS). He was president of the ODS from 1989 to1990 and he still sits on a committee. On the provincial level, he has sat on the political action committee since 1986, chaired this committee from 1998 to 2004 and was a councilor of the ODA from 1992 to 1998. Dr. Fremeth is also a member of the Pierre Fauchard International Academy of Dentistry, the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity and the International College of Dentists.

Dr. Fremeth is married with three children. Besides operating and managing his dental practice, his interests include photography, traveling, volunteering and fund raising for CHEO and other community causes.

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